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Mohammad raze Zeinali
Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of I.R.Iran - Bangkok
Summary and Objective
With more than 25 years professional experience in cultural and educational field, Team Leader, deep experience on analysis, development and team management. Work in international organization.
Personal Information
  • Birthplace: mahallat (central province)
  • Married since  1986  and have a son & girl
  • Birthdate :  01/06/1963
Lecture & academic activates 
  • Teaching Basics of Arabic literature, logic and philosophy courses in Isfahan & Qom seminaries -1983 -1995
  • Teaching Islamic Studies courses –Islamic azad university – Rudehen Branch -1993 -1994
  •  Teaching Undergraduate Law courses –Islamic azad university – South Tehran Branch -1994 -1995
Professional Experience
  • Hazrat Masumeh holy shrine  - Qom, Iran - Director of the Office of Legal affairs - 1991 – 1993
  •  Mecca pilgrimage centers inspector -1984 – 1991
  • Head of the sub-continent office , the International Assistance Development Organization 1994-1995
  • Cultural expert , Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization – 1995 -1997
  • Director of the Office of Legal affairs , Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization -1998-1999
  •  Head of the sub-continent office , Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization 1999
  •  Head of Cultural center – Kerachi & heidar abad Pakistan -2000 -2003
  •  Cultural affair Expert in sub-continent  affairs -  Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization – 2003 – 2006
  • Director general  of Administrative Affairs & human sources department– Islamic azad university Head office -2006- 2008
  •  Deputy of Islamic azad university Administrative and Financial department – Shahre  ray branch -2008- 2009
  • Cultural Expert in Asian affairs  Planning department -2009-2010
  • Director general of Administrative Affairs -2010 -2012
  • Head of Investigation of staff administrative violations ,Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization 2009-2012
  • Member of Management Development Leadership Council , Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization 2009-2012
  • Head & members Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization human resources Committee 2012 – Present
Religious seminary studies:
  • Seminaries of  Isfahan since 1982 until 1984
  •  Seminaries of  Qom since 1984 until 1994 in presence of professors and ayatollahs (javad aga Tabrizi –Musavi ardabili –Vahid khorasani –Duzduzani –Taheri Khoramabadi –Eshtehardi –Payani – vejdani –Taher shams ) , Logic and Philosophy professors Ayatollah Gerami and Hasanzadeh amoli .
Academic studies:
  •  Bachelor of law – Tehran University -1992
  • Master of law - Criminal and Criminology –Shahid beheshti university – 1996
  • PhD of law - Criminal and Criminology – Thesis defense working in Progress
Book, Articles & Publication
  • Another property sale (Beyee Fuzuli) in Islamic jurisprudence and law - 1995
  • Book of Political crime and Islamic criminal law – Amir Kabir publication – 1999
  •  Encarta Encyclopedia India Section Translation English – Persian - 2000
  • India cultural identity, participation in drafting the Cultural Strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in India
  • Ethnic and religious extremism in Pakistan – under print in International Cultural Studies Center – Alhoda Publication
  •  Educational Law courses pamphlets in various topics related to criminal law
  • The life of a prominent and influential figures in social, cultural and artistic India and Pakistan
  •  Strategies used to cope with international terrorism-2011
  •  Introduces and explain performance of transnational and international anti-terrorism organizations-2012
  • Bin Laden's death does not mean the end of terrorism-2013
  •  Requirements ideological fight against terrorism
  • PhD Thesis with national, transnational and international Fight with terrorism, with an emphasis on the study of the performance of Iran, European union and the United Nations organization
  • Iran Cultural Strategy in India
  • Expert analysis on the status of cultural relations with India
  • Expert analysis of human resources in the cultural agencies in India and its pathology
  • Pathology of formal and informal cultural activities of Iran in India
  • Amendments and suggestions related to "Regulations to establish cultural responsibilities abroad & Job description officers dispatched at levels of consultations, dependent and cultural experts.
  • Collection expert ideas on "cultural exchanges between Iran and India action plan"
  • Criticism on the "Evaluation of cultural activities and research cultural missions abroad"
  • Criticism and review and suggestions regarding "State Department proposal on appointment and accepting honorary consul “
  •  analysis Report of  Iranian students public and cultural situation in Pune, India
  •  Critical Study on research project "Cultural Interaction religions in India"
  • Descriptive Report, a brief analysis on the situation and history of the Iranian presence in India
  •  Development of “cultural houses and cultural consultations organizational relations in country" model
  •  Scientific monitoring and content rewriting and editing the " International Conference Bulletins "
  • Participation in developing the plan and alter the "roadmap, policies and action plans International affairs department
  • Participating in projects the preparation of oral history, cultural attachés and representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  •  Amendment of  the "Plan of cultural poles “
  • Participation in the preparation of " organization pathology “
  • organization Human resources Management Project
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