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Wedding belles in steep decline, study says
More Thai women are in the "never-married" category than ever before and more than half prefer to remain single, according to a study conducted by Chulalongkorn University College of Population Studies (CPS).
 07:50 - 15/02/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
Banking on the future
After working at a commercial bank for nearly 15 years, Soraya Nooprasert, 37, felt insecure for the first time in her job only recently. She was hired at the bank directly after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.
 07:07 - 14/02/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
Rajabhat enrolments shrinking
The number of students applying to the Rajabhat university network is in decline and the same trend is hitting private universities, according to a prominent scholar.
 06:25 - 5/02/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
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Facial recognition AI headed for banking
Consumers will have less to worry about when they open a bank account or lose their ATM card, thanks to the rise of facial recognition usage.
 06:26 - 1/02/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
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Unis unite to offer robotics, AI bachelors
Thai students will now be able to study for a double bachelors degree in artificial intelligence and robotics engineering.
 12:54 - 31/01/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
Child bullying on the rise
Bullying among children in Thailand is on the rise with a world ranking second only to Japan, Mental Health Department director-general Boonruang Triruangworawat said Sunday.
 06:56 - 29/01/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
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Depa to verify Smart visas starting Feb 1
The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa) is ready to verify Smart visas for experts and investors in startups and digital business, offering a four-year work permit from Feb 1.
 06:32 - 29/01/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>

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